Round trips to the central cemetery of

Approx. mid-March to early November

Daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except bad weather)

The number of carriages is limited!
We therefore ask you to reserve early!

Request via eMail
(at least 2 days in advance)

Request by phone
(also possible at short notice)

Big round trip approx. 60 minutes

Price: 110, – € / per carriag / 4 adults per carriage 

All tours are guided tours and you will receive sufficient information about the central cemetery during the carriage ride.

The start is at our stand, at Gate 2, main entrance to the Central Cemetery, opposite the traditional Oberlaa confectionery. If all the carriages are on their way, you can enjoy the waiting time with coffee and cake on the wonderful terrace of the Kurkonditorei Oberlaa. We do not drive in rain, storm, etc.!

A reservation is recommended! Inquiries for a desired date are welcome by email or phone

The central cemetery today

Rows of graves in the central cemetery After the simple and reduced to a minimum „austerity funerals“ under Emperor Josef II. In the second half of the 19th century, the wealthy bourgeoisie tried to imitate the aristocrats and staged sumptuous funeral ceremonies and funerals. The term “beautiful corpse”, which has been quoted a lot since then, was born. Even today, the beautiful corpse arouses the interest of the Viennese population, so state funerals of politicians as well as the funerals of personalities from other creative fields are an occasion for many people to pay their last respects to these prominent deceased. If, for example, a federal president is buried, the street that leads from the main portal to the presidential crypt and is flanked on both sides by groups of honorary graves is the scene of long funeral procession. But representatives of contemporary pop culture are also bid farewell on a large scale: In February 1998, thousands of people attended the solemn funeral of pop star Falco in an honorary grave. In most cases, burials at the Central Cemetery are carried out by “Bestattung Wien”, a company owned by the City of Vienna, Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG. Until a few years ago, Bestattung Wien was still a monopoly, but after the Ministry of Economic Affairs canceled the proof of need for funeral homes without replacement in 2002, the undertaker “Pax” opened a branch in Simmeringer Hauptstrasse as the first competitor. When designing farewells, the bereaved have a lot of freedom, from the (sometimes unconventional) selection of music during the funeral service to the possibility of having the coffin escort from the funeral hall to the grave site by means of a historic, six-horse funeral carriage. The administration of the cemetery has been the responsibility of Friedhöfe Wien GmbH since 2008 (until 2007 Magistratsabteilung 43, “Städtische Friedhöfe”), which includes the subordinate positions “Städtische Friedhofsgärtnerei” and “Städtische Steinmetzwerkstätte” A large number of competing cemetery gardeners and stonemasons claim that they have settled in the vicinity along Simmeringer Hauptstrasse. One of the latest design innovations is the one designed by the architect Christof Riccabona and carried out by the municipal stonemasonry workshop under the direction of Leopold Grausam jun. The Park of Peace and Power, which was implemented and opened in 1999, is a geomantic landscape park, which is divided into five differently designed areas and is intended to encourage physical and mental relaxation and reflection.

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