Round trips to the central cemetery of

Approx. mid-March to early November

Daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except bad weather)

The number of carriages is limited!
We therefore ask you to reserve early!

Request via eMail
(at least 2 days in advance)

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(also possible at short notice)

Small round trip approx. 30 minutes

Price: 65, – € / per carriage / 4 adults per carriage 

All tours are guided tours and you will receive sufficient information about the central cemetery during the carriage ride.

The start is at our stand, at Gate 2, main entrance to the Central Cemetery, opposite the traditional Oberlaa confectionery. If all the carriages are on their way, you can enjoy the waiting time with coffee and cake on the wonderful terrace of the Kurkonditorei Oberlaa. We do not drive in rain, storm, etc.!

A reservation is recommended! Inquiries for a desired date are welcome by email or phone

Old and new Jewish cemetery

The first denominational department was opened in 1879 in the west of the complex at gate 1, the “Jewish cemetery” (officially called the Israelite department of the central cemetery). But this department was already full in 1916, which is why the New Israelite Department (5th Gate, renamed 4th Gate before December 1996) was built at the eastern end of the cemetery area. The keystone of the ceremonial hall designed by the architect Ignaz Reiser (1863-1940) was built laid on September 12, 1928. In 1945, misdirected aerial bombs caused severe damage to the old department and around 3,000 graves were destroyed. In the following decades, the department visibly grew wild. In 1991 the independent association “Schalom”, founded in the same year, began to restore damaged graves, to renew grave inscriptions and to carry out general maintenance work. The old Jewish cemetery, where a.o. Arthur Schnitzler, Friedrich Torberg, Gerhard Bronner and Viktor Frankl are buried, and the new department, where inter alia. Otto Soyka is buried, are by far the largest denominational departments on the grounds of the central cemetery.

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Presidential crypt and state funeral

Immediately in front of the Karl Borromäus Church is the presidential crypt, in which the Federal Presidents of the Second Republic have been buried with full honors since 1951.

Karl Renner 1870–1950
Theodor Körner 1873–1957
Adolf Schärf 1890–1965
Franz Jonas 1899–1974
Rudolf Kirchschläger 1915-2000
Thomas Klestil 1932-2004
Kurt Waldheim 1918-2007

The very flat construction of the crypt system, which was built in 1951, and the resulting not very ostentatious appearance are a result of the architect’s requirement not to impair the view of the Karl Borromäus Church. Since the crypt was originally only intended for Karl Renner, who died in 1950, only his name can be found on the stone sarcophagus in the center of the rondeau. The names of all buried presidents are immortalized on the cover plate to the crypt and on the side of the complex. It is possible for the spouses of the Federal Presidents to be buried in the crypt as well, but this requires the approval of the presidential chancellery.